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Frequently Asked Questions:

Most of common questions asked are anwered here below

Q. Do I get Drawings/ plan on Hard Copy or only in soft copy?
A. You will get plans in soft copy in PDF of DWF format whereas you will also get A3 Hard copy ( 2 Sets ).

Q. Do completion time starts from the day of furnishing of Quotation or signing/ confirming it by me OR at time of accepting the Proposal?
A. The Last one is RIGHT yes from the DAY YOU approves the conceptual plan usually a 4 week time. You need to approve quotation to actually start working on a concept.

Q. Why I need to Accept the Quotation first before starting of any work?
A. MAD usually do not charge any advance fee but as per company policy, clients must get into an agreement which is through acceptance of quotation. Afterward, MAD starts works as per schedule and furnishes proposals, alter them if requires. Most of the clients have far less understanding of what actually their requirements will turn into until somehow LINES are drawn. This is the first step towards a logical working plan. Although it’s the idea that worth it all but it is also the fact that once the proposal is accepted there is far more technical challenges ahead to be dealt with. Architectural Engineering is all about finding the solution of problems. Every design emerges from the same process i.e finding solutions. The first lines are always the difficult one.

Q. Do I need to make payment at time of accepting quotation or later?
A. In most of the cases ( small Residential Projects ) First payment of 10% is due at the acceptance of Quotation and 40% at time of acceptance of Proposal, rest is payable at time of completion of Design Work.

Q. What is Proposal Plan/ Conceptual Plan?
A. It is a simple plan ( Parti ) in either single line illustrating tentative locations of rooms and flow of building through a layout plan. This usually does not contain detail information. The use of this plan is to make you understand what your requirements will look like when incorporated with Architectural Planning. This will tell you stair, Kitchen & room placements. It may change in later stages as and if required by the Architectural needs under unavoidable situation. BUT the room placement will remain same, e.g if you asked for 2 bed on ground floor, the concept will have 2 bed but on proposal, you will know exactly where the rooms are proposed.

Q. What is the benefit of hiring MAD being Design Firm for my Project?
A. MAD like any other Architectural Designing Firm works with a number of Architects & Engineers either in house or on contract basis, Architectural sciences being most complex & vast have many diversities, maybe a project requires only a project Architect rather Designer, or in other case you need Landscape Architect rather someone having major experience in Residential High Rise project. Thus going for a firm is always economical and above all will have input from multiple people of the trade under very discipline unlike going for an associate Architect/ Standalone Practicing Architect.

Q. Do you provide a full Architectural Service?
A.Not necessarily for small domestic projects. Traditionally full Architectural Services consists of several stages including Planning, Design, Feasibility, Tendering & Bidding Contracts, Building Control Approval, Project Management. Small domestic projects if burdened with all these are normally unnecessary and can be very expensive. Site Supervision & Construction Management of small projects are unnecessary when owners are in good terms with contractors. MAD aim to provide a service for taking care of unavoidable items that cannot be handled by the client i.e planning and meeting approval requirements by authorities.

In conditions where it is required MAD offers Full Architectural services and charge them accordingly. The fee schedule mentioned does not contain charges for these services. Usually site supervision & Construction Management may cost around 3% – 10% of the total Construction Cost.

Q. What is the benefit of this?
A. Most householders and small developers have a reasonably good idea of what they want to create, often similar to something they’ve seen elsewhere. Where this is the case, spending money on a full Architectural service is an inefficient use of funds. Fast tracking to the approvals stage often costs considerably less. In addition, where a client has a good relationship with their chosen builder, employing a third party for project management shouldn’t be required.

Q. Do I need Building Control Approval?
A. Almost certainly if your project is in area which comes under any Authority i.e CDA, LDA, KDA or TMA apart from minor alterations require Building Control approval except if it is a freehold property.

Q. What is the difference Between Planning permission and Building Control approval?
A. The Planning Department of your local authority is concerned with the effect of your project on the local built environment. They will look at the size and appearance of your project and also be concerned with any change of use. The building control department on the other hand, will be concerned with compliance with the building regulations. Things like structural stability, insulation and fire safety.

Q. Can you give an accurate estimate as to the cost of the work?
A. We can only provide approximate cost estimations after completion of Design with regard to potential building work.

Q. Can you provide Structural Calculations?
A. Yes. We work in conjunction with a structural engineer and can provide all calculations required by your local authority.

Q. Will my builder be able to work from your drawings?
A. Yes. Our builder set comprises of complete detail drawings which maybe require for construction purposes and are more detailed than building construction process requires. Even though if your contractor requires any further detail during the process same will be provided. Fine detailing such as Kitchen & Cabinetry setting out is not normally included although can be provided if required.

Q. Can you recommend a builder?
A. Yes. We work closely with a number of established local small builders but are not affiliated with one in particular. It is very much in our interests to only work with competent contractors wherever possible.

Q. Do you charge for an initial visit or is it really necessary?
A. Yes if it is a renovation, alteration & addition project initial visit may require for archiving etc. depending on project status. New project plot visits are not necessary unless the project has some technical nature of issues e.g Mountain Property or properties in thickly populated areas. This will be charged and added in the final bill.

Q. How do your fees work?
A. Our fee works on fair basis that is Per Square Foot. ( Per SFT ) it is important to know that projections, sun sheds & water tanks are not included in the covered area and thus not included in the charges.
In some cases where larger areas are under discussion, a lump-sum fee may be charged.

Q. Will my House/ Building will be unique & Best among rest?
A. Every building is unique and best in terms of its purpose. No two houses/ Buildings are not the same unless townhouses/ row houses. As far your wish of having BEST Among REST is concerned it needs some facts to be faced first and first one is everyone has his own liking & disliking as beauty is in the eyes of behold, one thing great for a person maybe nothing for some other.