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Step – 1:

Submission of Requirement Form
Fill Requirement Form by clicking here this will give us an overview of what you are looking for.

Step – 2:

Approval of Quotation & Authorization
All of our quotations are free and will be furnished and if agreed by Client and authorization for the project is given then you need to make payment as per preset fee schedule for all to keep things fair and clear keeping nothing hidden or unfair, we dont make special or client to client payment schedules, we give best services on a fair price. For quick reference check our online fee schedule.

Step – 3:

Initial Plans –Conceptual Sketches

Our designers will send you initial plans ( Linear Plans )/ conceptual sketches, as per Requirement Form ( Step 1 ) to set up the basic outline.

Step – 4:

Approval of Initial Sketch ( Conceptual Sketch )

You need to pay 50% of the fee as per quotation STEP 2 at this stage

Step – 5:

From Schematic to Design Development Phase

Your design will move to a further stage, and start getting into shape up to freeze plans. You will be updated accordingly for any change that may be appropriate.

Step – 6:

Completion of design.

As per date mentioned in STEP 2, normally it takes 4 – 5 weeks.

Step – 7:

Payment of Balance Fee

Drawings will be delivered as mentioned in Quotation.